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In Love Death and Robots Sonnie’s Edge, a dystopian cyberpunk future, a scarred and traumatized young woman named Sonnie (Helen Sadler) and her ragtag group partake in gruesome death matches where engineered beasts mercilessly tear each other apart for sport to entertain the sadistic, rich, and powerful. Sonnie is undefeated — as long as she keeps her edge.

The episode opens with a match between Sonnie and a massive, hulking beast named Turboraptor. Sonnie’s beast, a sleek and deadly creature called Khanivore, is badly injured in the early stages of the fight, but Sonnie is able to rally and ultimately defeat Turboraptor.

Love Death and Robots Sonnie’s Edge Plot

After the match, Sonnie is approached by Dicko (Time Winters), a wealthy match-fixer who offers her $500,000 to lose her next fight. Sonnie refuses, and Dicko warns her that she will regret it.

The next day, Sonnie is attacked in her hotel room by a mutant woman named Jennifer (Hayley McLaughlin). Jennifer is Dicko’s “security,” and she has been sent to kill Sonnie. Sonnie is able to fight Jennifer off, but she is badly injured.

Love Death and Robots Ending Explained

The episode ends with Sonnie back in the arena, preparing for her next fight. She is still scarred from her attack but determined to win. She knows that if she loses, she will die.

The fight begins, and Sonnie’s opponent is a massive, hulking creature called the Behemoth. The Behemoth is much larger and more robust than Khanivore, but Sonnie is able to use her cunning and her knowledge of the arena to her advantage.

The fight is brutal and bloody, but Sonnie ultimately emerges victorious. She kills the Behemoth and is declared the winner.

The episode then cuts to a scene of Sonnie walking away from the arena. She is still scarred, but she is also triumphant. She has overcome her trauma and found justice.

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