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Black Mirror season 6 episode 1 starts with Joan sitting down to watch a Netflix lookalike after a long day at work, Streamberry, and notices a dramatized version of her life streaming on Streamberry. Quite understandably, she goes ballistic. What the hell is going on? As the show gets more complicated from that point onwards (in short: check all the terms and conditions you click unknowingly ‘accept’ on because Streamberry is legally allowed to do this because Joan accepted the Terms and Conditions) let’s continue, shall we?

Terms and Conditions Accept or Deny?

As Joan gets tired of seeing her life gets shown to users on the internet, she goes on the offensive. Joan buys multiple fast-food burgers, rapid-action laxatives, and alcohol and consumes it all. Joan goes on to a church where a wedding was taking place and defecates all over the wedding. The actor portraying Joan has to be shown Joan defecating in the church and the portraying actor is not happy. Joan and the actor portraying Joan team up to bring down the show.

Eventually, Joan and the portraying actor, Salma Hayek break into Streamberry to shut down the show only to find out Joan and Salma Hayek are also in a show being played by another person. Basically, it’s a show within a show within a show being played by multiple different actors and the original people who are being portrayed are the source characters. The actors being portrayed are all acting based on what the source characters are doing in order to shut down the show.

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 1 ENDING Explained

Joan eventually gets to the computer that’s generating all the different characters to be played and breaks it, eventually making everyone return to who they should be, the source character. We see that the real Joan is getting therapy, has switched jobs to a coffee shop, and is less awful. She has also remained friends with the real-life Murphy who played her as Joan on Streamberry – who are now both under house arrest, probably as a result of smashing up Streamberry’s computer generating all the Joan is awful content.

“I finally feel like a main character in my own life now,” she says.

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