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As machines become smarter and more efficient as we age, many people fear the loss of jobs to machines, but did you know that automation is actually creating new job opportunities? Let’s dive into how automation is creating new jobs.

The rise of automation has made millions of people around the world concerned, it’s been associated with job loss and unemployment, environmental concerns, and will guarantee to decrease morale. But other people are also on the other side of the spectrum saying automation is not all negative. In fact, on the topic of job loss and unemployment, there have been many notable arguments for being on the automation side.

With the increase in the adoption of automation technology across different industries, new jobs have emerged, and the demand for skilled workers has increased.

The two biggest sectors in the world getting benefits from the rise of automation are technology and service. Because of the rise of automation, the demand for skilled workers is also on the rise, organization are constantly searching for those who can design, develop and maintain automated systems. Plenty of new job roles have been created such as automation engineers, data analysts, and machine learning specialists.

What kind of jobs?

While automation has been associated with job loss, it is also creating new job opportunities in various industries. The adoption of automation technology is increasing, and this is leading to the emergence of new job roles that require specialized skills and knowledge. As we move towards a more automated future, it is important to focus on upskilling and reskilling the workforce to take advantage of these new job opportunities.

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