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A lot of things are happening on Twitter right now, from their failed attempt to remove the legacy blue check mark to fixing users’ “For You” page. People’s timelines are being flooded by Retweets from people they do not follow and most importantly, the doge logo/dog is showing up where twitter’s bird logo should be.

Why is this happening?

Twitter itself has removed the label for when a user retweets a tweet, it is no longer available to be seen on the web app, but some users are still seeing it on their iOS and Android apps. Other top publishers such as theverge.com and techcrunch.com are calling this a bug more than an intentional change. Have you noticed this from your timeline? if so, let us know what you think in the comments.

What about the Doge Logo replacing the Bird logo?

Twitter’s bird logo has been replaced by the Doge Logo on the web UI. Users are not seeing this on the app but only on the web, why is this happening? A number of people are saying this is an April Fool’s joke but isn’t it two days too late? CEO Elon Musk has been a noted booster of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency and has, at times, let people buy certain pieces of Tesla merch with the meme coin. After users saw Twitter’s doge logo, the price of doge went from 8 cents to 9 cents and people are buying and throwing money at doge. Most of these instances are only happening on the web and not the iOS or Android Apps.

Elon Musk’s Doge Lawsuit

Musk is currently facing a $258 billion racketeering lawsuit, which alleges that he ran a pyramid scheme to promote Dogecoin. Friday evening, Musk’s lawyers wrote in a filing with Manhattan’s federal court that his tweets were jokes.

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