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What would you do to protect your child?

In the second episode of Black Mirror’s fourth season, “Arkangel,” a single mother implants a chip in her daughter’s brain that allows her to track her daughter’s location, see through her eyes, and censor any disturbing content. However, when the daughter grows up and starts to rebel against her mother’s control, the chip becomes a source of conflict and tension between them.

Marie (Rosemarie DeWitt) is a single mother who is struggling to raise her young daughter, Sara (Brenna Harding). After Sara is nearly abducted at the park, Marie becomes increasingly paranoid about her daughter’s safety. She decides to enroll Sara in a new experimental program called Arkangel, which implants a chip in Sara’s brain that allows Marie to track her daughter’s location, see through her eyes, and censor any disturbing content.

At first, Arkangel seems like a dream come true for Marie. She can finally relax knowing that Sara is always safe. However, as Sara grows older, she begins to resent her mother’s constant surveillance. She feels like she is being treated like a prisoner, and she longs for privacy.

The conflict between Marie and Sara comes to a head when Sara discovers the truth about Arkangel. She is furious with her mother for invading her privacy, and she demands that the chip be removed.

The Themes

“Arkangel” explores a number of themes, including the dangers of overprotective parenting, the importance of privacy, and the power of technology. The episode shows how overprotective parenting can lead to resentment and distrust, and it argues that children need to be allowed to make their own mistakes in order to learn and grow. The episode also shows how technology can be used to invade people’s privacy, and it raises questions about the ethics of using technology to monitor and control others.

The ending of Black Mirror season 4 episode 2, “Arkangel,” is a bittersweet one. Sara, who has grown up with the Arkangel chip in her head, has finally had it removed. She is now free to live her own life, without her mother’s constant surveillance. However, she is also traumatized by the experience, and she struggles to trust her mother.

The episode ends with Sara getting on a bus and leaving town. She is not sure where she is going, but she is determined to start a new life. The ending is hopeful, but it also leaves the viewer with a sense of unease. It is a reminder that the past can always come back to haunt us, and that the choices we make can have a profound impact on our lives.

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