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The sixth and final episode of Black Mirror’s fourth season, “Black Museum,” is a dark and twisted look at the future of technology. The episode follows a woman named Nish (Letitia Wright) as she visits a remote museum that holds a collection of strange and scary artifacts. The museum’s owner, Rolo Haynes (Douglas Hodge), tells Nish the stories behind each artifact, which all involve the dark side of technology.

Unfortunately, that’s all we can share without giving too much away.

Black Mirror season 4 episode 5 explores the ethical implications of technologies like brain implants, memory wipes, and virtual reality. It also raises questions about the nature of consciousness and the limits of human empathy.

What was the bathtub in Black Museum and how does it work?

The bathtub in Black Museum is a device that allows the user to experience the memories of a person who has died. The device was created by Rolo Haynes, the owner of the museum, and it is one of the most disturbing artifacts in the museum. The bathtub works by scanning the brain of a deceased person and then creating a virtual reality simulation of their memories. The user can then enter the simulation and experience the memories as if they were actually happening, isn’t that creepy?

In the episode, Nish uses the bathtub to experience the memories of her late father, who was actually killed by Rolo Haynes.

What did the Monkey mean in Black Mirror season 4 Episode 6?

The monkey in Black Museum was a stuffed toy that was used to hold the consciousness of a woman named Carrie Lamasse. Carrie was in a coma after being hit by a truck, and her husband, Jack, decided to have her consciousness transferred to the toy.

The toy was a success, and Carrie was able to communicate with Jack and their son, Parker. However, the toy was also a prison, and Carrie was trapped inside, unable to move or interact with the world around her. Eventually, Jack and Parker grew tired of the toy, and they abandoned it forgetting that Carrie was inside. Carrie was left alone, trapped in the toy, for the rest of her life.

The Ending

The ending of Black Museum is a dark and twisted one. Nish, the protagonist, has just learned that her father was killed by Rolo Haynes, the owner of the museum. She is furious, and she decides to get revenge. Nish poisons Haynes, and then she uses the technology in the museum to transfer his consciousness into a pain-inducing device. She then leaves Haynes to suffer for all eternity.

The ending is also a reminder of the importance of human empathy. Nish is justified in her anger, but she is also cruel in her revenge. She tortures Haynes in the same way that he tortured her father.

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