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Black Mirror season 5 episode 3, “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too,” follows Rachel (Angourie Rice), a lonely teenager who becomes obsessed with a robot doll based on her favorite pop star, Ashley O (Miley Cyrus). The episode explores the nature of celebrity worship and the power of technology to manipulate people’s emotions.

Rachel is a lonely teenager who has recently lost her mother. She becomes obsessed with Ashley O, a pop star who seems to understand her pain. When Rachel gets an Ashley Too doll, she is able to connect with Ashley O on a deeper level. The Ashley Too doll is a powerful tool that can manipulate Rachel’s emotions. It can make her feel happy, sad, angry, and everything in between. Rachel becomes so attached to the doll that she starts to see Ashley O as a real person.

One day, Rachel’s father, Doug, takes her to a concert where Ashley O is performing. Rachel is so excited to see her idol in person, but she is disappointed when Ashley O appears to be nothing like she expected. She is drugged up and robotic, and she doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself. After the concert, Rachel and her sister, Jack, sneak backstage and meet Ashley O. Rachel tells Ashley O that she is unhappy with her life, and Ashley O tells Rachel that she’s also unhappy with hers. The two girls bond over their shared pain, and Ashley O tells Rachel that she wants to be free.

Rachel and Jack help Ashley O escape from her kidnappers, and they take her to a safe house. Ashley O reveals that she’s not who she seems to be. Her real name is Ashley O’Brien, and she is a young woman who was kidnapped by her aunt, Catherine, and forced to become a pop star.

Ashley O wants to escape and start a new life, but she’s afraid of what Catherine will do to her. Rachel and Jack help Ashley O record a new song, and they release it online. The song is a hit, and it frees Ashley O from Catherine’s control.


The episode explores a number of themes, including the nature of celebrity worship, the power of technology to manipulate people’s emotions, and the importance of friendship. Black mirror season 5 Episode 3 also suggests that people can become so attached to celebrities that they lose sight of reality. It also suggests that technology can be used to create artificial experiences that are more powerful than real life.

Black Mirror Season 5 Episode 3 Ending

Here are some of the possible interpretations of the ending of Black Mirror Season 5 Episode 3

  • A happy ending: Ashley O is finally free to be herself, and she is able to start a new life. She’s also able to help Rachel and Jack to heal from their own pain. This interpretation suggests that the power of friendship and music can overcome the challenges of celebrity worship and the power of technology.
  • A cautionary tale: The episode suggests that the power of technology can be used to manipulate people’s emotions. It also suggests that celebrity worship can be a dangerous thing. This interpretation suggests that we should be careful about how we use technology and how we interact with celebrities.

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