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During a flashback, Tola’s father Tunde as a young man goes to a job interview at Greenwood Technology which a prominent technology company inventing technology to help people such as In present day, Tunde discovers his daughter went to the mainland without his permission after he saw Otin the lizard’s location tracker is offline there. Tunde receives a random call for Bode and rushes to the last place Otin pinged. At Bode’s lair, the area is surrounded by a holographic barrier that neither Tola or Otin can cross. As technology advances, various forms of holographic barrier technology provides a versatile and effective means of enhancing security and preventing various forms of fraud or unauthorized access. We can expect to see further innovations and applications of holography in security systems.

Throughout the show, three dimensional holographic images and floating displays outside a screen were used often while communicating via phone similar to the message sent by R2-D2. In the near future, holographic phone calls may become the new thing. Why facetime when you can see a holographic image of your friends and family? Anyway, much as Tunde had not programmed Otin the lizard to activate “Ija,” the protection mode for Tola, the robot became so self aware it realized it needed enough power to protect Tola. In the end Tola and Kole found her home’s main power supply and used it to charge up Otin. Once “Ija” was activated Otin was able to defend Tola and her family. Through her father’s smart glasses, Tola was able to record Oga confess to his wrong doings against islanders.