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“Iwájú,” which translates roughly to “the future” in Yoruba, is an animated miniseries that marks a significant step forward in representation and storytelling. This collaboration between Disney Animation Studios and the Pan-African British entertainment company Kugali Media brings a vibrant Afrofuturistic Lagos, Nigeria, to life. The series is not only visually stunning but also rich with cultural references and a thought-provoking narrative. “Iwájú” centers around two young protagonists. Tola, a wealthy young girl residing on a luxurious, technologically advanced island, and Kole, a self-taught tech whiz from the mainland. Despite their different backgrounds, Tola and Kole share a deep friendship.

Iwájú” embraces the concept of African futurism. African futurism is a genre that reimagines the future of Africa through a lens of technological advancement, cultural pride, and social progress. The creators took great care to capture the essence of Lagos, its vibrant energy, and its rich cultural tapestry. The soundtrack features a captivating blend of electronic music and traditional African rhythms, further immersing viewers in this unique world. “Iwájú” boasts a diverse and well-developed cast of characters. Tola, voiced by Simisola Gbadamosi, is a courageous and headstrong young woman who yearns for adventure. Kole, played by Dayo Okeniyi, provides a counterpoint as the resourceful and street-smart protagonist from the mainland. Their friendship forms the heart of the story, and their growth throughout the series is compelling to watch.