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In Love Death and Robots episode, The Dump; Ugly Dave has owned, managed, and lived in the local dump for over 20 years. He hasn’t left the dump because it has everything he needs. However, a city inspector is trying to get Dave and his junk to move so they can build luxury housing.

Love Death and Robots The Dump Plot Summary

A couple of years back, Dave and his friend, Pearly, sit for a drink. Their conversation is interrupted by a creature in the dump. The dump monster was a creature born from heat and garbage. It lives off the garbage and whatever it ate, became a part of it.

Pearly is eaten alive and when Dave chases it down and corners it, he notices a puppy in the midst of all the junk. The creature was a dog once upon a time that mutated. Dave makes the monster his pet and names it Otto.

The inspector does not care about Ugly Dave’s story and still wants him off the property. Dave says he doesn’t care for new sanitation laws that prohibit the dump because he’s been living there for way too long. He offers the inspector a story instead and says that after hearing it if the inspector still wants him to vacate, he would. Dave tells the story of Otto and Pearly, which the inspector doesn’t bother listening to.

Right after, Otto shows up and gobbles up the Inspector alive. As this happens we can see the bones of Pearly which are now part of Otto, much like what’s going to happen to the condescending man.

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