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The movie follows an 18-year-old June whose mother (Grace) disappeared while on vacation with her new boyfriend (Kevin). Using her detective skills, June scrambles to find clues to the whereabouts of her missing mother through technology such as video chats, instant messaging, search engines, and social media.


Google’s Role in the Movie “Missing”

One of the biggest tools June utilized was Google. While collecting information on their whereabouts, June uses Google translate to communicate with the hotel staff who mention Kevin and a woman left the hotel. The hotel has footage of Kevin and the woman but will be overwritten in 48 hours per the hotel policy. Using Google, she searched for the Colombian TaskRabbit to find a local who can get to the hotel in time. Google was an important resource for June which helped her check out their last pinged locations.

This information can be found at myaccount.google.com, where you can see your personal information, web/location/Youtube history, security and any payment methods you have linked to Google.

Before hacking into Kevin’s account, June was asked questions about Kevin’s mother and what elementary school he went to highlighting the importance of two-factor authentication. Another way two-factor authentication is used is by having a password and one-time passcode sent to your phone via text message. Using two different factors helps keep your personal information private, safe and secure. Once June is in Kevin’s email, she discovers he is a conman. and a link to an encrypted text app her mother’s lawyer/friend is using to communicate with him.

Apple’s Role in the movie “Missing”

June is shocked and uses a classmates’ Apple Watch to video record her conversation with the mother’s lawyer/friend but reaches the office too little too late. She discovers her mother’s friend was unalive along with files being deleted from her computer. After the confusion, June heads home and goes through her voicemail messages – mostly from her mother Grace. While listening she comes up with her mother’s Gmail password where she finds deleted emails threatening Grace and a link to security cameras of her childhood home. June is contacted by her father whom she thought passed away only to be kidnapped by him and taken to her family home where Grace is also being held captive. The two reunite and June’s father threatens to harm them. June remembers Grace always uses Siri, remembers her laptop is on the webpage showing the family house so she uses Siri to call 911 to the house.

The movie Missing showed how much people expose themselves on the internet without thought or care. June managed to hack into not only her mother’s Gmail but her boyfriend’s Gmail as well with just a few clues. Always make sure to pick complicated passwords (that you can remember, of course), always make sure to use two-factor authentication and if you share location, make sure you do so safely.

Conclusion and Ending of Missing

“Missing” is a suspenseful and twisty thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. The film is not based on a true story, but it does explore some very real and relatable themes, such as the power of family and the importance of never giving up hope.

June is 16 years old in the movie. She is a smart and resourceful young woman who is determined to find her missing mother. She uses her skills with technology to track down clues and piece together the mystery. In the end, she is able to rescue her mother and bring the bad guys to justice.

The ending of “Missing” is both satisfying and bittersweet. June is reunited with her mother, but the trauma of her experience has left her changed. She is no longer the carefree girl she once was, but she is stronger and more resilient. The ending suggests that June will eventually heal from her trauma and move on with her life, but it also acknowledges that the scars will never fully go away.

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