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Is your job on the line? Check out our full list of tech layoffs in February 2023 and see which companies are cutting jobs. From Silicon Valley to startups, the tech industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Don’t miss out on the latest updates and find out if your company is on the chopping block.

Below you’ll find the complete list of February 2023 Tech Layoffs

CompanyDate AnnouncedDetails
RivianFebruary 1stRivian announced it’s cutting 6% of its workforce for the second time in less than a year.
PinterestFebruary 2ndAnnounced on February 9, 20% of its staff, impacting 1,600 employees in its adtech business. Yahoo is the parent company of TechCrunch.
GetaroundFebruary 2ndAnnounced February 2, 10% of staff — about 42 employees.
DellFebruary 6thAnnounced February 6, impacting 6,650 people, or 5% of worldwide workforce.
VinfastFebruary 6thVinFast has not shared how many employees have been cut, but a LinkedIn post from a former employee said “nearly 35 roles” were affected. Announced on February 6.
Zoom February 7thAnnounced the cut of 15% of its staff, or 1,300 people on February 7.
AffirmFebruary 8thAnnounced on February 8 that it is reducing its staff by 19%, or about 500 employees, and shutting down its crypto unit.
GitLabFebruary 9thAnnounced on February 9 that it’s reducing its headcount by 7%. The round of redundancies will impact around 114 people, though that specific figure is dependent on its actual headcount as of February 9.
YahooFebruary 9thAnnounced on February 9, 10% of its staff will be impacted through the end of the company’s fiscal year. Before this announcement, which was first reported by Fortune, GitHub had about 3,000 employees.
GitHubFebruary 9thFebruary 16th
TwilioFebruary 23rdAnnounced on February 13 that it will impact around 17% of its global workforce, about 1,400 people.
February 13thiRobotAnnounced on February 13 that it will lay off 7% of its workforce, roughly 85 employees.
SprinklrFebruary 15thAnnounced on February 15 that it will impact 4% of its global workforce — or more than 100 employees.
ConvoyFebaury 16thAnnounced February 6, impacting 6,650 people, or 5% of the worldwide workforce.
Chipper CashFebruary 20thAnnounced on February 20, the African cross-border payments platform conducted a second round of layoffs just 10 weeks after it cut approximately 12.5% of its workforce. Chipper Cash relieved almost one-third of its workforce, about 100 employees.
Green LabsWe do not have an exact figure of how many Green Labs plans to lay off its staff. Green Labs confirmed to TechCrunch that it is conducting a round of layoffs that could impact at least 50% of its workforce.
PoshmarkFebruary 24thAnnounced February 24, Poshmark confirmed with TechCrunch that less than 2% of its workforce was affected, primarily in the U.S. The company employs roughly 800+ employees.
TwitterFebruary 26thAnnounced on February 26, the company laid off more than 200 employees, including Esther Crawford, Haraldur Thorleifsson, and Leah Culver. Since Musk took over Twitter in October last year, the company’s headcount has fallen by more than 70%.
Full list of Tech layoffs during the Month of February 2023

The tech industry is undergoing a significant shift in 2023, with many companies restructuring and cutting jobs in order to adapt to changing market demands. Our full list of tech layoffs in February 2023 provides a comprehensive overview of which companies are being impacted and what this means for the industry as a whole. It’s important to stay informed and proactive during these times of change, whether that means exploring new career opportunities, developing new skills, or taking steps to protect your current job. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s crucial to stay agile and adaptable in order to thrive in the rapidly changing tech job market.