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Starting off the new year with layoffs: Our full list of Tech Layoffs in January 2023. Don’t miss out on the latest updates as the tech industry continues to undergo significant changes. From startups to big names, find out which companies are being impacted and what this means for the future of the tech job market.
VimeoJanuary 4thAnnounced on January 4, cutting 11% of its workforce.
SalesforceJanuary 4thAnnounced on January 4 that it’s cutting 10% of its workforce, impacting more than 7,000 employees. A month later, some Salesforce employees had just found out they were also a part of the 10% layoff announcement.
AmazonJanuary 5thAnnounced on January 5, eliminating more than 18,000 roles. This announcement extends a previously announced round of layoffs on November 22nd. On January 19, the company announced it would end AmazonSmile.
SuperRareJanuary 6thThe NFT marketplace is cutting 30% of its staff, announced on January 6.
CoinbaseJanuary 10thTo cut 950 jobs, or about 20% of its workforce, and shut down “several” projects, announced on January 10. This is the second round of layoffs for the crypto exchange, which eliminated 18% of its workforce, or nearly 1,100 jobs last June.
CitizenJanuary 11thImpacting 33 staff members on January 11.
CartaJanuary 11thAnnounced on January 11, the equity management platform cut 10% of its staff. Judging by LinkedIn data, the layoff could have impacted around 200 employees.
InformaticaJanuary 11thReported on January 11 that it will lay off 7% of its workforce, or 450 staffers globally.
DirectTVJanuary 12thAnnounced on January 12 plans to lay off about 10% of its management staff on January 20.
Career KarmaJanuary 12thLearning navigation platform Career Karma laid off another 22 people on January 12 across its global and domestic workforce.
GreenlightJanuary 12thThe fintech startup offering debit cards to kids laid off 104 employees on January 12, or over 21% of its total headcount of 485 employees.
InstrisicJanuary 12thAlphabet’s robot software firm, Intrinsic, is laying off 40 employees TechCrunch confirmed on January 12. Amounting to around 20% of the headcount.
SmartNewsJanuary 12thAnnounced on January 12 a 40% reduction of its U.S. and China workforce, or around 120 people.
SharechatJanuary 15thAnnounced on January 15, ShareChat laid off 20% of its workforce — or over 400 employees — just a month after eliminating more than 100 roles.
ClearcoJanuary 17thAnnounced on January 17, impacting 30% of staff across all teams.
GoMechanicJanuary 18thLaid off 70% of its workforce on January 18.
MicrosftJanuary 18thAs announced on January 18, 10,000 employees will be impacted.
SophosJanuary 18thAnnounced on January 18, 10% of its global workforce, about 450 people were let go.
SwiggyJanuary 20thAnnounced plans to lay off 380 jobs on January 20 and shut down its meat marketplace.
FandomJanuary 20thThe entertainment company announced an unspecified number of employees impacted across multiple properties on January 20. According to a report by Variety, the company employs around 500 people, and the layoffs have affected roughly 10% of its staff across different sites.
AlphabetJanuary 21stGoogle’s parent company announced laying off 6% of its global workforce on January 21, equating to 12,000 employees. These cuts impact divisions such as Area 100, the Google in-house incubator, and Alphabet’s robotics division, Intrinsic.
SpotifyJanuary 23rdAnnounced on January 23, impacting around 6% of its global workforce — around 600 employees.
January 24th
The self-driving technology unit under Alphabet quietly laid off workers on January 24, according to The Information and several posts on LinkedIn and Blind. It’s not yet clear how many of Waymo’s staff will be affected.
ArrivalJanuary 30thAnnounced on January 30, with a newly appointed CEO, slashing 50% of its workforce — 800 employees globally.
PayPalJanuary 30thAs announced on January 30, about 2,000 full-time employees, or 7% of its workforce, were affected.
Impossible FoodsReportedly affecting 20% of its staff, over 100 employees, Bloomberg reported first.
GrouponJanuary 31stImpacting another 500 employees announced on January 31. The company said this new set of layoffs will be spread across the first two quarters of 2023.
NetAppJanuary 31stAnnounced on January 31, impacting 8% of its staff — about 960 people.
SoFi TechnologiesJanuary 31stAnnounced on January 31, cutting 65 jobs, or about 5% of its 1,300-person workforce. First reported by The Wall Street Journal.
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The tech industry is once again facing the difficult reality of job cuts as companies adjust to changing market conditions and economic uncertainty. Our list of tech layoffs in January 2023 highlights the companies that are being impacted and the reasons behind the cuts. While the news may be unsettling, it’s important to remember that the tech industry has always been dynamic and ever-evolving. As employees, we can take steps to protect ourselves by staying informed, developing new skills, and building a strong network of professional contacts. Ultimately, the industry will continue to evolve, and while layoffs are undoubtedly difficult, they are also an opportunity for new beginnings and growth.